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What Are Ghana’s Zip Codes and Postal Codes?

Ghana Zip Code Postal Code

In today’s digital age, postal codes are more crucial than ever. They do much more than help mail find its way. In Ghana, understanding postal codes, often called zip codes, can simplify everything from setting up utilities to ordering goods online. This article will dive into the postal codes for major cities across all 16 regions of Ghana, ensuring you have the information needed to navigate this system effectively.

Understanding Postal Codes in Ghana

Postal codes in Ghana are numeric and typically consist of four digits. Unlike some countries, Ghana’s postal codes are directly linked to geographic regions or administrative districts, making them essential for accurate delivery and services.

The 16 Regions of Ghana and Their Capitals:

Below is a table outlining the 16 regions of Ghana, their respective capitals, and some of their major cities:

RegionCapitalMajor Cities
Ahafo RegionGoasoBechem, Hwidiem, Kenyasi
Ashanti RegionKumasiObuasi, Mampong, Ejura
Bono East RegionTechimanKintampo, Nkoranza, Atebubu
Bono RegionSunyaniBerekum, Dormaa Ahenkro, Techiman
Central RegionCape CoastKasoa, Winneba, Swedru
Eastern RegionKoforiduaNkawkaw, Aburi, Suhum
Greater Accra RegionAccraTema, Madina, Adenta
North East RegionNaleriguGambaga, Walewale, Bunkpurugu
Northern RegionTamaleYendi, Walewale, Bimbilla
Oti RegionDambaiJasikan, Kadjebi, Nkwanta
Savannah RegionDamongoBole, Sawla, Mankango
Upper East RegionBolgatangaBawku, Navrongo, Zebilla
Upper West RegionWaLawra, Tumu, Jirapa
Volta RegionHoHohoe, Keta, Anloga
Western North RegionSefwi WiawsoBibiani, Juaboso, Akontombra
Western RegionSekondi-TakoradiTarkwa, Prestea, Axim

Let’s explore the postal codes in Ghana region by region:

RegionCity/TownZip/Postal Code
Ahafo RegionBechem03521
Ahafo RegionBerekum03522
Ahafo RegionDormaa Ahenkro03523
Ahafo RegionWenchi03524
Ahafo RegionTechiman03525
Ahafo RegionAtebubu03526
Ahafo RegionYeji03527
Ashanti RegionKumasi03220
Ashanti RegionKonongo03221
Ashanti RegionAshanti Mampong03222
Ashanti RegionEjura03223
Ashanti RegionBekwai03224
Ashanti RegionObuasi03225
Bono East RegionTechiman03525
Bono East RegionAtebubu03526
Bono East RegionYeji03527
Bono RegionSunyani03520
Bono RegionBerekum03522
Bono RegionDormaa Ahenkro03523
Central RegionCape Coast03321
Central RegionSwedru03320
Central RegionDunkwa03322
Central RegionWinneba03323
Eastern RegionKoforidua03420
Eastern RegionNsawam03421
Eastern RegionNkawkaw03431
Eastern RegionMpraeso03423
Eastern RegionDonkorkrom03424
Eastern RegionSuhum03425
Eastern RegionAsamankese03426
Eastern RegionAkuapim Mampong03427
Eastern RegionAburi03428
Eastern RegionAkim Oda034292
Eastern RegionAkosombo03430
Greater Accra RegionAccra0302
Greater Accra RegionTema0303
Greater Accra RegionAda03035
North East RegionNalerigu
North East RegionGambaga
North East RegionWalewale03721
Northern RegionTamale03720
Northern RegionBuipe03722
Northern RegionDamongo03723
Northern RegionYendi03724
Northern RegionBole03725
Northern RegionSalaga03726
Oti RegionDambai
Oti RegionJasikan
Oti RegionKadjebi
Savannah RegionDamongo03723
Savannah RegionBole03725
Savannah RegionMankango
Upper East RegionBolgatanga03820
Upper East RegionNavrongo03821
Upper East RegionBawku03822
Upper West RegionWa03920
Volta RegionHo03620
Volta RegionAmedzofe03621
Volta RegionHohoe03627
Volta RegionKpandu03623
Volta RegionKete-Krachi03624
Volta RegionDenu/Aflao03625
Volta RegionKeta/Akatsi03626
Western North RegionSefwi Wiawso
Western North RegionBibiani
Western North RegionJuaboso
Western RegionTakoradi03120
Western RegionAxim03121
Western RegionElubo03122
Western RegionTarkwa03123
Western RegionAsankragwa03124
Western RegionSamreboi03125
Western RegionEnchi03126

Note: Postal codes marked with “-” indicate not available.

The Emergence of the GhanaPostGPS Mobile App

Contrary to common belief, there isn’t a single fixed zip code for Ghana. Instead, the more accurate question should be, “What are Ghana’s zip codes?” or “What are Ghana’s postal codes?” This is because zip codes are designed for specific geographical locations within a country rather than for the entire country.

This distinction means that instead of searching online for “What is Ghana’s zip code?“, it would be more precise to inquire about zip codes for specific cities like Accra, Kumasi, or Tamale. However, a quick Google search might return “00233” as the zip code for these locations, which might not always be accurate. This is because Google uses related keywords from your search terms to fetch this information, which may not always reflect the most current or correct data.

In Ghana, the issuance of zip codes and postal codes is managed by Ghana Post, the nation’s governmental postal service. To provide a reliable solution, Ghana Post has launched the GhanaPostGPS mobile app. This innovative application offers an official and accurate means to obtain digital addresses, zip codes or postal codes throughout Ghana. It utilizes a comprehensive 5 x 5 meter grid addressing system that covers the entire country.

For those needing precise and official postal information, downloading the GhanaPostGPS app is highly recommended. It allows users to access their specific Ghanaian zip codes or postal codes with just a few clicks. The app is also available in a browser version for those who prefer accessing it on a computer.

Understanding Zip Codes and Postal Codes in Ghana

The query, “What is Ghana’s zip code?” is undoubtedly one of the most frequent online searches by Ghanaians, especially when filling out forms that require this information. Whether in Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, or Accra, you have likely encountered the need to provide a zip code and resorted to Google for answers.

The numbers commonly used as Ghana’s zip code, such as 00233, 23321, or +233, originate from the country’s early landline telephone system. These are not true postal codes but have been widely used due to a lack of widespread public knowledge about the correct codes.

This section aims to clarify the concept of zip codes and their intended purposes. Zip codes are essential for a range of activities, from sorting mail more efficiently to enhancing the delivery of goods and services. With the advent of the GhanaPostGPS app, Ghanaians can now easily access accurate postal codes tailored to their specific location within the country, thereby improving accuracy in data handling and service delivery.

How Postal Codes Facilitate Daily Life in Ghana

Postal codes in Ghana are vital for several reasons:

  1. E-Commerce: They allow companies to accurately calculate shipping costs and delivery times.
  2. Utility Services: Postal codes help in the quick setup and management of services like electricity and water.
  3. Navigation and GIS: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) use postal codes for mapping and managing geographic data.
  4. Emergency Services: Quick location identification can be crucial in emergencies.

Incorporating Postal Codes into Business and Technology

For businesses, especially in logistics, e-commerce, and location-based services, understanding and utilizing postal codes can greatly enhance efficiency. Technology apps that require location data, such as ride-sharing or food delivery services, rely on accurate postal codes to match drivers with customers efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1: What is the Republic of Ghana zip code?

Ghana has no single zip code but uses various postal codes for different areas. Use the GhanaPostGPS Mobile App to find the accurate zip code for your location.

Q2: What is Kumasi’s zip code?

Previously, 03220 was commonly used as Kumasi’s zip code in the Ashanti Region. For the most accurate and current postal information, using the GhanaPostGPS Mobile App is recommended.

Q3: Does Ghana have a country code?

Yes, Ghana’s country code for phone calls is +233.

Q4: What is an example of a zip code?

With the use of the GhanaPostGPS Mobile App, an example of a zip code in Ghana is GA287 for a city in the Greater Accra Region.

Q5: What is Takoradi’s Zip code?

Previously, 03120 was commonly used as Takoradi’s zip code in the Western Region. However, for the most accurate and up-to-date postal information, it is recommended to use the GhanaPostGPS Mobile App.

Q6: Is zip code the same as postal code?

Yes, in the context of Ghana, zip code and postal code are used interchangeably and refer to the same concept of regional coding.

Q7: What is Ghana’s full name?

The full name of the country is the Republic of Ghana.

Q8: How do I know my Ghana number?

Your “Ghana number” would typically be your mobile phone number. It starts with the country code +233 followed by your specific number.

Q9: Which number is 030 in Ghana?

The 030 prefix is commonly used for landline numbers in the Greater Accra Region.

Q10: Which network code is 059 in Ghana?

The 059 prefix is used by MTN Ghana, one of the country’s leading telecommunications providers.

Q11: Which country code is 233?

The country code 233 is for Ghana.

Understanding the postal code system in Ghana is essential for both residents and businesses. It facilitates efficient mail delivery, enhances e-commerce processes, and supports emergency services. Whether you are setting up utilities, expecting a delivery, or simply exploring new technologies and services, knowing the right postal code can make a significant difference. This guide aims to provide you with a thorough overview of Ghana’s postal code system, helping you navigate this essential aspect of daily life in Ghana more effectively.

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