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Nigeria’s Top 9 Payment Gateways

Best Payment Gateways in Nigeria

We explore Nigeria’s vibrant business ecosystem, featuring the top 9 payment gateways revolutionizing commerce and empowering businesses.

In Nigeria’s busy business scene, payment gateways are crucial for smooth transactions among businesses, big and small. The Nigerian economy hosts several fintech startups and established brands that compete to stand out. These payment gateways offer a range of tailored features, shaping the country’s financial landscape in distinct ways. Let’s explore the top 9 most used payment gateways in Nigeria.

1. Flutterwave:

Flutterwave, a fintech unicorn since March 2021, has emerged as a powerhouse under the leadership of Olugbenga Agboola. Boasting a clientele including Uber and MTN, the platform offers a diverse range of payment options spanning bank transfers to Visa QR codes. With its widespread presence across 11 countries, Flutterwave facilitates seamless transactions in over 20 currencies. What sets it apart is its ability to cater to businesses without websites, offering them a unique payment link solution.

2. Paystack:

Paystack, acquired by Stripe in 2020, stands as a pioneer in Nigerian payment gateways. Processing over ₦10 billion monthly, its user-friendly interface and impressive success rate make it a top choice for over 80,000 businesses. With no setup fees and integration with popular eCommerce platforms, Paystack offers convenience coupled with competitive transaction rates, making it an indispensable tool for merchants.

3. Monnify:

Developed by Moniepoint, Monnify offers flexible settlement options and attractive pricing, courtesy of its proprietary switching license. While primarily serving Nigerian customers, its seamless integration with businesses like Cowrywise and Bankly highlights its reliability and efficiency in processing transactions.

4. DPO Pay:

With a presence in over 20 countries, DPO Pay stands out for its dynamic currency conversion and widespread accessibility. Its seamless integration with eCommerce platforms and real-time settlement options in select regions underscores its commitment to facilitating global transactions with ease.

5. SeerBit:

Founded in 2020, SeerBit aims to become the preferred payment option for African businesses. Offering a plethora of payment channels and multi-currency support, it caters to merchants with diverse needs, ensuring smooth transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

6. Interswitch:

With a rich history spanning two decades, Interswitch continues to be a cornerstone of Nigeria’s financial ecosystem. Its competitive transaction rates, coupled with robust security measures, make it a go-to choice for businesses like Dominos and BetKing.

7. Kora:

Backed by Techstars, Kora‘s user-friendly interface and robust security features make it a reliable choice for businesses both in Nigeria and beyond. Offering recurrent billing and a high transaction success rate, it stands as a testament to innovation in the payment gateway landscape.

8. Squad:

As one of the latest entrants, Squad aims to streamline payments for Nigerian merchants. Its diverse range of payment options and competitive transaction rates make it a promising contender in the market.

9. Remita:

Widely used by public universities and organizations, Remita offers seamless payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. With support for various payment channels and eCommerce integration, it remains a trusted partner for merchants seeking efficient financial management.

Nigeria’s payment gateway landscape continues to evolve, driven by innovation and a commitment to enhancing financial inclusivity. As businesses navigate the digital landscape, these top payment gateways stand ready to meet their diverse needs, ensuring seamless transactions and sustained growth.

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