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HD PLUS Ghana To Embrace Free-To-Air Model Starting June 13

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HD PLUS Ghana is transitioning from a subscription model to a free-to-air model on June 13, 2024, facilitated by the WAPS platform.

SES HD PLUS Ghana, a leading provider of premium high-definition satellite broadcasting services in Ghana, has unveiled plans to transition from its subscription-based model to a free-to-air (“FTA”) format, commencing on June 13, 2024. This strategic shift, facilitated by the West African Platform Services (WAPS) platform, marks a significant milestone in the landscape of satellite television in the region.

Under the purview of WAPS, an affiliate of SES responsible for local ground services, HD PLUS Ghana will undergo a fundamental transformation, offering its HD channels as part of the broader array of FTA channels available on the WAPS platform. This transition reflects a paradigmatic shift from a user-pays model to one where viewers can access premium content without the burden of subscription fees.

Effective April 16, 2024, customers will no longer have the option to purchase HD+ subscription packages or activate new HD+ devices. However, existing subscribers with active packages will continue to enjoy uninterrupted service until the full transition on June 13, 2024. To ensure a smooth transition, HD+ subscribers with active subscriptions beyond the transition date will receive compensation, with notifications commencing from April 30, 2024, through the HD+ call center.

In preparation for the switch, users of HD+ decoders in Ghana are mandated to update their devices with new software, available over the air, by May 30, 2024. SES HD PLUS Ghana will provide support for this software update process until June 20, 2024, ensuring that viewers can seamlessly access the new lineup of FTA HD channels. Additionally, the My HD PLUS TV operator and mobile apps will be retired by May 30, 2024, as part of the transition process.

The transition to a free-to-air model signifies HD PLUS Ghana’s commitment to democratizing access to high-quality broadcasting services, aligning with the evolving preferences and needs of consumers in the digital era. As the broadcasting landscape continues to evolve, this move heralds a new era of accessibility and inclusivity in satellite television, empowering viewers across Ghana to enjoy premium content without barriers.

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