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Remedial Health Launches App for African Pharmacies with Digital POS & Barcode Scanner

Remedial Health

Embarking on a mission to streamline Africa’s pharmaceutical landscape, Remedial Health, a pioneering health tech startup, has introduced an enhanced iteration of its consumer-facing application.

This innovative platform is poised to serve as an operational backbone for neighborhood pharmacies and Proprietary Patent Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) continent-wide.

Key Features of the Remedial Health App:

The upgraded app boasts a plethora of features including a digital Point of Sale (POS) terminal for seamless payment processing, virtual business accounts for payment reception, an integrated barcode scanner for swift product sales recording, and a store-switch functionality facilitating the effortless management of multiple outlets. Additionally, it offers robust inventory management solutions for restocking and identifying products nearing expiration.

Furthermore, the app furnishes comprehensive financial reporting tools to monitor profit and loss, alongside data analytics capabilities aimed at informed decision-making.

The Significance of the Remedial Health App:

Despite commanding a significant chunk, approximately 85 percent, of retail medicine sales within Africa’s burgeoning pharmaceutical sector, neighborhood pharmacies and PPMVs grapple with the absence of tailored digital solutions tailored to their unique operational needs. This gap impedes their ability to optimize efficiency and profitability.

Moreover, reliance on archaic paper-based inventory and sales management processes exacerbates the challenge, depriving manufacturers of crucial insights into consumer behavior vital for production and distribution strategies.

Tailored Solutions for Africa:

Crafted with the nuances of Africa’s healthcare ecosystem in mind, the Remedial Health app proffers bespoke features engineered to foster operational excellence and drive business growth.

Kicking off in Nigeria, healthcare enterprises gain access to a curated selection of medications while managing sales and inventory seamlessly through a unified platform. This liberation from cumbersome administrative tasks enables pharmacies and PPMVs to devote more resources to serving their clientele and communities effectively.

Furthermore, the app empowers Remedial Health to furnish real-time market behavior data to manufacturers, amplifying profitability and optimizing decision-making throughout the value chain.

In the words of Samuel Okwuada, CEO, and co-founder of Remedial Health, “Neighborhood pharmacies and PPMVs serve as the frontline of healthcare delivery in Africa. However, they’ve historically been underserved in terms of operational support. Our aim is to equip these essential service providers with the requisite tools to navigate daily operations efficiently.”

Achievements of Remedial Health:

In 2023, Remedial Health facilitated the sale of over 300 million individual medicine packs to 7,500 healthcare facilities, spanning all 36 states of Nigeria. Notably, customers witnessed a remarkable 30 percent uptick in profits on average, gaining access to a meticulously curated catalog of over 8,000 vetted products at competitive prices. Leveraging same-day delivery and inventory financing, these enterprises minimized cash-flow friction, maximizing sales opportunities in the process.

As Remedial Health continues its trajectory of innovation and empowerment, the landscape of African healthcare commerce stands poised for transformation, heralding a future where efficiency and profitability converge seamlessly.

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