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Get To Know NoCopyCopy, A Nigerian Startup Fighting Plagiarism in the Educational Sector

Nocopycopy team

NoCopyCopy announced the launch of its new platform to fight theft and plagiarism in the Nigerian educational sector.

This comes on the heels of growing concern about the quality of education in Nigerian institutions which inadvertently produces poor quality graduates who are unable to create original content and material. Through its plagiarism checking platform, NoCopyCopy intends to discourage lazy research and intellectual theft while encouraging people and students who produce unique content.

Stephen Ojji

Speaking on his drive for creating the platform, CEO and Co-founder of NoCopyCopy, Stephen Ojji, shared how excited he and his team are to be contributing their part to improving Nigeria’s educational system. Stephen, a long term player in the educational and training sector, expressed the objective of creating the NoCopyCopy platform by saying “We are promoting originality. There is no shame in building on another person’s work. However, it is important to give credit where it is due. We want to encourage more people to keep putting out intellectual work. If you want to use a person’s work, let people know. With NoCopyCopy, you can find out where similar work has been done on an idea you are pursuing, learn from those works and reference them properly.”

With NoCopyCopy, bloggers, students, corporate organisations, academics and individuals can assess the originality of written work and at the same time check to see if any of their original work has been used without permission by other people or organisations.

With a combined 25 years experience in the education technology space in Nigeria, Stephen and his Co-Founders are committed to reducing the alarming rate of plagiarism in tertiary institutions, corporate organisations and down to the writers’ community in Nigeria. The co-founders consist of Ogho Emore, the COO with almost a decade of hands-on experience in the educational technology sector, Yole Odior, a full stack developer who occupies the role of CTO and oversees the technology interest and strategies of the business.

According to Stephen Ojji, “Plagiarism has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigeria’s educational and corporate scene. We’ve seen situations where PhD students and even bloggers lift other people’s work in a similar field and present them as theirs. “About five years ago, a top government official gave a speech which later turned out to have been lifted from the thesis of a lecturer in the South-East. I imagine his speechwriter had something to do with that. We shame professors for not being rich, but how can they be rich when their work is used without credit. This is one of the reasons why we built our platform. The NoCopyCopy plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages as well as from international academic databases in a matter of seconds.”

The NoCopyCopy plagiarism checker is built on an extensive understanding of the Nigerian educational system and the Nigerian market as a whole. The platform offers affordable plans for students, freelance writers, corporate organizations, among others.


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