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Top 15 Influential Nigerian Women in Technology

Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson: Nigerian Women In Tech

In a landscape traditionally dominated by men, numerous Nigerian women are breaking barriers and establishing benchmarks in the technology sector. These leaders are not just participating; they are spearheading innovations and empowering the next generation of tech enthusiasts in Nigeria and across the globe. This article celebrates fifteen influential Nigerian women who are making significant strides in technology.

1. Funke Opeke

Founder and CEO of MainOne, Funke Opeke returned to Nigeria after a successful career in the United States to launch a company that significantly enhanced West African internet speeds and reliability with its submarine cable system.

2. Omowale David-Ashiru

As the Vice President of Global Operations at Andela, Omowale David-Ashiru plays a crucial role in shaping the careers of African developers, nurturing them into world-class technical leaders.

3. Juliet Ehimuan

Juliet Ehimuan is the former Google Country Manager for Nigeria and the founder of Beyond Limits Africa. She has spearheaded several initiatives to improve connectivity and local content availability, emphasizing digital education and small business empowerment.

4. Ommo Clark

Founder and CEO of iBez, Ommo Clark develops software solutions addressing real Nigerian problems, ranging from real estate management to job portals, aiding local business operations.

5. Kathleen Ndongmo

An advocate for internet accessibility and digital rights, Kathleen Ndongmo works tirelessly on projects promoting broader internet access and the protection of digital rights across Africa.

6. Temi Giwa-Tubosun

Founder of LifeBank, Temi Giwa-Tubosun leverages technology to deliver essential medical supplies to hospitals across Nigeria, significantly impacting emergency healthcare.

7. Nkemdilim Begho

CEO of Future Software Resources Ltd., Nkemdilim Begho leads in providing IT consulting and software development services, helping businesses transform through technology.

8. Bilikiss Adebiyi Abiola

Bilikiss founded WeCyclers, an innovative Nigerian startup that uses technology to boost recycling efforts. This company employs a unique mobile waste collection model to address Lagos’s urban waste problem, improving sustainability and offering economic benefits to waste collectors.

9. Affiong Osuchukwu

Affiong Osuchukwu, Founder & CEO of Oh So Nutrition, leverages her extensive background in marketing and strategy across North America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her career includes significant roles such as Chief Marketing Officer at Google Nigeria, Regional Head of YouTube and Google Apps Marketing, and Strategy Consultant at Deloitte. Her experience spans over 20 years before she ventured into entrepreneurship with a focus on promoting wellness through plant-based food and beverages.

10. Anne-Marie Osawemwenze Ore-Ofe Imafidon

Co-founder of STEMettes, Anne-Marie Imafidon has been pivotal in inspiring and supporting young women in pursuing careers in STEM fields, impacting both the UK and Nigeria.

11. Odunayo Eweniyi

Co-founder and COO of PiggyVest, Odunayo Eweniyi has been critical in helping young Nigerians manage and invest their finances through technology. Her work in fintech is recognized both locally and internationally.

12. Ire Aderinokun

Ire Aderinokun, a front-end developer, writer, and advocate for open web technologies, has made substantial contributions to web development in Nigeria. She co-founded Helicarrier, where she serves as COO and VP Engineering, developing cryptocurrency infrastructure for Africa. Additionally, she is a founding member of the Feminist Coalition, a group dedicated to advancing gender equality in Nigerian society. Ire also shares her expertise as a speaker at various international conferences.

13. Ada Nduka Oyom

Founder of She Code Africa, Ada Nduka Oyom focuses on providing support and opportunities to young women in tech across Africa, promoting gender diversity in the tech ecosystem.

14. Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson

A tech consultant and developer, Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson has made her mark by leading initiatives that aim to bridge the technology gap in rural communities, enhancing their access to digital resources. She is the founder and CEO of Healthtracka, a platform that offers convenient at-home health testing with secure online results.

15. Oladiwura Oladepo

Oladiwura Oladepo, Founder and Executive Director of Tech4Dev, creates sustainable technology solutions to address development challenges in Africa, focusing on improving education and health through tech. She is also the co-founder of Taltrix, a platform that connects young people in underserved and under-resourced communities globally with economic opportunities through digital skilling, digital jobs, and entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the common challenges faced by women in technology in Nigeria?

Women in technology in Nigeria often face gender bias, limited access to mentorship and tech resources, and societal expectations that deter them from pursuing tech careers.

Q: How are these women shaping the future of tech in Nigeria?

These influential women are creating innovative technologies, launching initiatives that foster talent development, and establishing platforms that offer solutions tailored to local and global markets.

Q: Why is it important to highlight female leaders in technology?

Showcasing female leaders in technology challenges the status quo, inspires more women to enter the field, and provides role models that catalyze gender diversity in tech spaces.

Q: How can young women in Nigeria start a career in technology?

Young women can start by pursuing education in STEM fields, engaging in tech communities, participating in workshops, and seeking internships in tech companies.

Q: What impact do these women have on local communities?

By driving tech innovation and creating opportunities, these women contribute to economic growth and enhance the quality of life by solving practical, day-to-day challenges through technology.

These fifteen women are not only excelling in their respective fields but are also setting the stage for more inclusive and innovative technological development in Nigeria and beyond. Their achievements are a testament to their resilience and passion, and they continue to inspire a new generation of tech enthusiasts around the world.

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