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Top 15 Influential Ghanaian Women in Technology

Regina Honu: Ghanaian Women In Tech

The technology landscape in Ghana is rapidly evolving, with women at the forefront of innovation and leadership. The following 15 Ghanaian women have made remarkable contributions to the tech industry, not only advancing technological growth but also inspiring a new generation of women in tech. Here’s a closer look at their achievements and the impact they have made.

1. Ivy Barley

Co-founder of Developers in Vogue, Ivy Barley has been instrumental in creating opportunities for African women in technology. Her organization focuses on training and mentoring young women, helping them to build successful careers in tech.

2. Regina Honu

As the CEO of Soronko Solutions, Regina Honu is dedicated to teaching young girls to code. She founded the Soronko Academy, the first coding and human-centered design school for children and young adults in West Africa.

3. Miishe Addy

Miishe Addy co-founded Jetstream Africa, a platform that leverages technology to streamline logistics in the supply chain across Africa. Her work focuses on making exports out of Africa more efficient and scalable.

4. Farida Bedwei

Farida Bedwei is a celebrated software engineer who co-founded Logiciel, a company that develops banking systems for the microfinance industry. Despite battling cerebral palsy from a young age, she has emerged as one of Ghana’s most influential tech figures.

5. Jemila Abdulai

Creative and Managing Director of Circumspecte, Jemila Abdulai combines digital technology, social media, and data to optimize strategic communications. Her platform is a hub for insightful cultural, business, and policy-related content.

6. Ethel Cofie

Founder and CEO of Edel Technology Consulting, Ethel Cofie is recognized as one of the top female IT leaders in Africa. She also founded Women in Tech Africa, an initiative aimed at supporting and increasing women’s participation in tech.

7. Anne Amuzu

As one of the co-founders of Nandimobile, Anne Amuzu helps companies leverage technology to improve customer service. Her company has won several awards for its innovative solutions in communications and technology.

8. Emma Maame Efua Tandoh

Founder of Outbox Technologies, Emma Maame Efua Tandoh is known for her work in software development and digital marketing. She focuses on creating technological solutions that drive social change.

9. Anita Wiafe-Asinor

Anita Wiafe-Asinor is the CEO of OML Africa, an HR and management consulting firm that integrates traditional HR practices with innovative tech solutions to transform workplace productivity and culture.

10. Rosy Fynn

Former CEO of BusyInternet and a Harvard graduate, Rosy Fynn is recognized for her role in transforming one of Ghana’s prominent ISPs into a digital-first company. She has a strong focus on using tech to improve everyday services.

11. Lucy Quist

Lucy Quist is a trailblazer in the telecommunications industry and the former CEO of Airtel Ghana. Known for her leadership skills and passion for STEM education, she advocates for greater participation of young people in technology.

12. Angela Kyerematen-Jimoh

As IBM’s first female Country Director in Africa, Angela Kyerematen-Jimoh broke significant barriers in the tech industry. She is currently the Regional Head of IBM Africa, where she continues to drive technological innovation across the continent.

13. Evelyn Accadu Opany

Evelyn is a renowned IT Consultant and Systems Analyst with a keen focus on integrating IT solutions in business processes. She has significantly contributed to enhancing operational efficiencies in various organizations through technology.

14. Dorothy K. Gordon

Dorothy K. Gordon is known for championing technology for development. As the Director-General of the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT, she has been instrumental in promoting tech education and digital innovation.

15. Estelle Akofio-Sowah

As the Country Manager for Google Ghana, Estelle Akofio-Sowah has played a vital role in expanding internet access and helping small businesses leverage the digital world to grow and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What common challenges do these women face in the tech industry?

Challenges include gender bias, limited access to funding, and fewer networking opportunities compared to their male counterparts.

Q: How are these women inspiring the next generation?

Through mentorship programs, public speaking, and by leading by example, these women are paving the way for more females to enter and succeed in the tech field.

Q: Why is it important to highlight female tech leaders in Ghana?

Showcasing their achievements challenges stereotypes and encourages societal acceptance and support for women in tech, helping to close the gender gap in the industry.

Q: What can organizations do to support more women in tech?

Organizations can create inclusive policies, provide training and mentorship programs, and actively promote women to leadership positions.

Q: How do these leaders impact Ghana’s tech industry?

They contribute to innovation, create job opportunities, and improve the tech ecosystem, driving both economic growth and technological advancement in Ghana.

The achievements of these fifteen influential Ghanaian women in technology illustrate the vibrant potential of female tech talent in Africa. Their contributions not only foster innovation but also build a more inclusive tech community that can inspire future generations to pursue technology with fervor and confidence.

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