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Google Incorporates Ghanaian Language “Twi” into Google Translate

Google Translate Adds Ghana's Twi

In its recent update, Google broadens its linguistic repertoire by introducing the Ghanaian language, “Twi,” along with 24 additional languages to Google Translate.

This inclusion elevates the total count of available languages to 133, reflecting Google’s commitment to linguistic diversity.

Twi, a variant of the Akan language prevalent in southern and central Ghana, boasts millions of speakers, predominantly among the Akan community. With an estimated 17-18 million speakers, including those who adopt it as a second language, Twi holds significant cultural and communicative importance within Ghana. Remarkably, approximately 80% of the Ghanaian populace converses in Twi either fluently or as a secondary language.

Google highlights the technical advancements underpinning this expansion, emphasizing the integration of machine learning models. These models facilitate translation processes by learning to interpret and translate languages, even without prior exposure to specific examples.

By integrating Twi and other languages into Google Translate, Google not only enriches its platform but also fosters inclusivity by ensuring that diverse linguistic communities have access to essential translation services. This development marks a significant stride towards bridging linguistic barriers and facilitating global communication.

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