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Interview: Dynasto Afedo Is The Ghanaian Making Games Of The Future Today

Dynasto Afedo Interview

Dynasto Afedo, popularly known on social media as Dynasto, is a Ghanaian software/app developer. He’s the name behind the trending car racing game- RCW Racing.

For a software developer, Dynasto has a rather “unusual” educational background. He has a diploma in Public Administration which he acquired from the University of Ghana, a BSc. Business Admin degree from UPSA (University of Professional Studies, Accra) and a BSc. Marketing degree from KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology).

Unorthodox Digital caught up with him to get to know more about this Tech genius.

Are you strictly a game developer or you develop other software/applications?

I don’t just develop games. I develop other applications as well.

Are you currently working on other game projects?

Yes I am. I am working on a few other games that I can’t currently speak on yet. Vol.2 of RWC Racing is currently in the works.

Are you a gamer yourself or you just enjoy creating games?

I am not an avid gamer now but I was when I was younger.

How will you describe the game development industry in Ghana/Africa?

There is potential and you can see from some of these works when you search on social media.

Who are some of the other game developers in the sub region we should look out for?

This is the thing, I am new to the industry and I’m honored to even be called a game developer. I’m more of a professional googler. I feel like I walked into the wrong room but I was given a seat anyway, so I’m grateful. Please look out for everyone.

What has been the reception to RCW Racing?

It has been amazing! Very unexpected but the support has been amazing. People keep sharing suggestions and ideas on how to make the game better.

Can you identify what caused the significant increase in downloads?

I think people saw that they were being represented and hence wanted to be a part of the moment and experience it for themselves.

What other gaming projects have you worked on in the past?

I worked on one but it was a meme, it’s no longer on play store but it was available for about a day and that was it.

What do you think the future holds for Africa’s gaming industry?

The opportunity is huge and we have the skill set to meet the demands of how dynamic this industry is. Thankfully our backgrounds across the continent is diverse and we will represent that in our games

What do game developers in these parts need?

We need support, and financing as well as very incentivized competitions. What could be improved? We need our games representing more when we open the Appstore or Playstore than games from outside the continent.

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