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12 African-Owned Music Streaming Platforms Redefining the Industry

African-owned Music Streaming Platforms

As Spotify continues to reign supreme in the global audio streaming industry, Africa’s narrative takes a unique turn with Boomplay emerging as the continent’s top platform. Boomplay’s inception traces back to 2015 when it debuted as a preinstalled music player on affordable Transsion handsets. Today, it proudly hosts an impressive 86% of its 75 million global users from sub-Saharan Africa.

With hundreds of Boomplay staff spread across five offices within Africa, the platform’s roots run deep on the continent. Despite this strong African identity, it may come as a surprise to some that Boomplay is owned by two Chinese companies, NetEase and Transsion.

The key question is whether indigenous African streaming platforms exist, and if so, which African countries do they originate from and how are they performing? This listicle aims to provide answers to this inquiry.

1. Supafuse

Hailing from Nigeria, Supafuse stands as a testament to the country’s booming music industry. Formerly known as Naijatastic, this platform serves as a digital hub for discovering and promoting diverse audio content, championing both local and global artists.

2. Mino Music

Another Nigerian gem, Mino Music, born from the renowned Afrobeats music blog NotJustOK, underwent a massive rebrand to offer a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. CEO Ademola Ogundele spearheaded the transformation, recognizing the need to distinguish between the blog and the streaming service.

3. Gbedu

This regional discovery platform transcends the conventional boundaries of music streaming, focusing on delivering Africa’s rich sounds to a global audience. With an emphasis on artist empowerment and localized content, Gbedu is carving its niche in the industry.

4. Playfre

Founded by Nigerian singer-songwriter Nwaogu, Playfre addresses the challenge of unauthorized music distribution, offering a platform where artists can showcase their work while ensuring fair compensation. Playfre’s unique selling point is that it separates the data-intensive video elements from each YouTube upload so that users can listen solely to the audio track for free.

5. UduX

Launched in Nigeria in April 2019, UduX aims to disrupt the global streaming market with its innovative approach. From live concert streaming to immersive video experiences, UduX seeks to redefine how users engage with music in the digital age.

6. Mdundo

Originating from Kenya, Mdundo has become a household name, providing accessible and affordable music streaming services to users across the country. With hundreds of artists on board, Mdundo continues to shape the East African music scene.

7. Aftown Music

Ghana’s very own Aftown Music offers a platform for local artists to showcase their talent and connect with fans. As a homegrown initiative, Aftown plays a vital role in nurturing Ghana’s vibrant music scene.

8. MusikBi

Senegal proudly boasts MusikBi as Africa’s first indigenous platform for legal music downloads. Championing both local and continental artists, MusikBi celebrates the diversity of African music.

9. Wasafi

Tanzania’s music scene shines brighter with Wasafi, spearheaded by the renowned artist Diamond Platnumz. Serving as both a record label and streaming platform, Wasafi promotes authentic Tanzanian music to a global audience.

10. Sulapay

Uganda’s Sulapay provides a haven for music enthusiasts to support their favorite local artists through purchases and streaming. With a focus on promoting Ugandan talent, Sulapay enriches the country’s music landscape.

11. Muzikol

Cameroon’s Muzikol emerges as a beacon for online music marketing and artist management tailored to the local industry. By providing essential tools and resources, Muzikol empowers Cameroonian artists to thrive in the digital age.

12. OyOsMusic

Zimbabwe’s OyOsMusic not only showcases local talent but also ensures artists receive fair compensation for their work. As a platform committed to artist empowerment, OyOsMusic plays a pivotal role in nurturing Zimbabwe’s music industry.

As the global music streaming landscape continues to evolve, these African-owned platforms offer a glimpse into the continent’s rich musical tapestry. With a blend of innovation, authenticity, and cultural relevance, they are reshaping the industry and amplifying voices that deserve to be heard on a global scale.

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